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Pikk jalg 9 Tallinn. Tel: (+372) 6313181


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About Bogapott

About Bogapott

Bogapott is a little charming family-run art shop, café and studio 3-in-one situated in the Upper Old Town of Tallinn between its Long Leg (Pikk jalg) and Short Leg (Lühike jalg). Bogapott was founded in 1992. Bogapott got its name after the family who runs the company, Bogatkin, and pott which means pottery or pot, revealing to the nature of a ceramics business. In our ceramics studio you can see the artists – sculptor Airike Taniloo-Bogatkin and her husband ceramist Georg Bogatkin – at their everyday work. In the art-shop you will find arts and crafts made in our ceramics studio, such as cups, bowls, plates, angels, little and bigger animal figures, ceramic jewellery and a lot more to discover! We also sell the art works of other famous Estonian artists. The selection includes ceramics, silk paintings, glass, jewellery, paintings, textile, leatherworks, souvenirs, etc. In our café you can enjoy coffee, cappuccino or espresso, Estonian national food like tangupuder or internationally recognised salads, like Waldorf or Cesar salad, freshly baked delicious pies, pancakes, cakes and more. Whatever you choose, we recommend enjoying your special moments on the Angels Balcony where angels fly down from the medieval ceiling. You can have intimate conversations in the cellar by the fire and have relaxing moments in our romantic inner court during the summer. In the café all dishes and drinks are served from tableware made by the owner of Bogapott Georg Bogatkin himself. Bogapott is unique in Tallinn and in the whole world! Visit us and discover!